Module overview of the employee app

Below you can see the modules of our employee communications software for implementing the internal communication best practices. To see the employee experience, please test the modules yourself on our Employee Communication App Demo. If you have any questions, you can simply Contact us.

Modular Employee Communication App for custom employee communications strategies
Employee App News Feed

News Feed

Diverse media selection

  • Text
  • Photos
  • Videos

    Social Intranet Features

  • Hashtags
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Location display
  • Storys

    Optional moderation

    If desired, the individual messages from the employees can be moderated. This allows you to prevent messages that do not match your employer brand.

  • Push messages

    You can reach your employees as quickly as possible by sending push messages directly to their mobile phones reach. This also makes them very flexible:

  • Push notifications can be sent according to a schedule (e.g. only during the Working hours)
  • A notification group can be selected (e.g. messages to a single department)
  • Rich push notifications with images or emojis are possible
  • Automatic push notifications when you are mentioned in a post or when your post is liked/commented on.

  • Employee app push notifications
    Employee app Newsletter


    The latest news for the employee communications.

    Each piece of news is presented in an easy-to-consume format with a headline, picture and rich text content. You can switch to the next news item by swiping.

    Corporate Benefits

    If you offer any corporate benefits, you can inform your employees about them with this module.

    You can manage the offers under categories, and each offer with the following content:

  • Short description
  • Detailed description
  • Photo
  • Location
  • Offer start and end dates
  • Discount code

  • Employee app corporate benefits
    Employee App Documents


    Here you can store the files and documents that are important for your employees.

    Documents in PDF, HTML, image or text formats are permitted. The documents can be organized in a category structure.


    Do your bit for sustainability by opening a second hand store in your company.

    Employees can place classified ads for different categories of goods in the employee app. The ads will only be seen by the employees. The employees have the good feeling to advertise their goods among familiar people, and you have your story about the sustainability for your employer brand.

    Employee App Classifieds
    Employee App Open Positions

    Open Positions

    Through this module, HR can publish the open positions and the employees can easily sign up for the vacancies.

    The vacancies can be listed with the following details:

  • Job description
  • Contact of the responsible HR employee
  • Location
  • Start and end date

    The employee can then either apply himself, or upload the CV of an external applicant.

  • Employee app events


    Do you have online or onsite events? Here are the best tools to communicate corporate events.

    The company events can be published with the following attributes:

  • Location
  • Date
  • Quota
  • Person responsible
  • Description with photo and text

    The applications per event can be limited with a quota. For example at events in rooms with limited capacity.

  • Questions & Suggestions

    Employees can quickly and informally submit their questions and suggestions through this module to the HR management or the employee app admins.

    With this digital "suggestion box" you always have an overview of the employee satisfaction and can derive measures to enhance employee experiences..

    Employee App questions suggestions
    Employee app pulse surveys

    Pulse Surveys / Forms

    Pulse surveys can be very flexible thanks to our employee communications app:

  • Multiple surveys can be started at the same time
  • Grouping may allow some polls to be eligible for specific groups. So the employee satisfaction of a specific department can be measured in a targeted manner
  • Results of employee surveys can be monitored in real time
  • Different question types are possible: simple selection, simple selection with free text, multiple selection, free text
  • This module can also be used to send forms, e.g. travel expense reports with a photo attachment.

    Blood Donation

    Our employee engagement apps can also be very useful in emergencies.

    Donating employees can opt-in to receive notifications by subscribing and entering their blood type. So, they will be notified when their blood type is required. Employees needing blood can add their needs to the list.

    Employee App blood donation
    Employee App POI list

    Points of Interest

    The POI (Point of Interest) list allows you to mark the important places on a map, e.g. the branches of your company or restaurants around your office.

  • Any type of POI can be listed on the map in the form of clusters.
  • In order to reach individual POIs, you have to zoom in on them. When clicked, POI details displayed.
  • POI types can be filtered.

  • Key Contacts

    In this module, main contact persons can be set, e.g. the HR contact, admin of the employee app.

    By clicking on a contact, the employees can contact them by phone, email or internal chat. Hence, any issues affecting the employee experience can be identified quickly.

    Employee App Contacts
    Employee app desk reservations

    Desk Reservations

    If you have made a reduction in workstations at your company office and only pool workstations are available, this module is perfect for you.

    With this module, employees can reserve a workstation before going to the office. The module can also be used for planning lunches and commuting with colleagues. HR can run reports on the use of workstations and plan accordingly.

    Photo gallery

    With this module you can communicate photos and videos internally.

    Photos and videos can be uploaded by the HR management through the CMS in selected categories, e.g. material for the employer brand. There are also automated categories that display all media from the Newsfeed module.

    Employee App photo gallery
    Staff App shuttle routes

    Shuttle Routes

    If you offer employee shuttles, you can use this module to display the shuttle routes conveniently on a map.

    The shuttle stops can be indicated either on the map or as a text only list.

    Live Streaming

    With the live streaming module you can watch live videos in the employee communications app.

    With the live streaming module, employees from remote branches can also attend the company events live.

    Employee App live streaming
    Employee App Profile

    Employee Profile

    Employees can customize the allowed fields on their profiles.

  • The fields in the profile module can be turned on or off as needed
  • If the employee has allowed, his/her birthday will appear in storys
  • Social media accounts can be connected

  • Phonebook

    This module is the digital phone book of our employee communication app.

    Through this module, you can quickly and effectively contact all employees in the company.

  • The employees are listed with details such as name, position and title. These fields can be toggled on/off.
  • In addition to the name, you can also search by department and title
  • Clicking on a name opens the colleague's profile page with more details displayed

  • Employee App phone book
    Employee App Storys


    The best way to celebrate a colleague's birthday or anniversary.

    If this module is activated, the employees can post messages in their storys. Text, emojis, photos and videos can be shared.

    If the employee gives his/her permission, automated birthday and anniversary congratulations are published in his/her storys.


    If you prefer an on-premise installation, the chat module becomes a real Whatsapp alternative with complete control of the data.

    Groups can be created. Photos, videos and documents can be sent.

    Employee App Chat
    Employee App Podcasts


    Podcasts are becoming an important internal communication tool, so that the companies are adding it more and more into their internal communication strategies.

    Content can be categorized and listening is possible even if the mobile device's screen is locked.

    Knowledge Quiz

    One of the gamification modules of our employee app is the knowledge quiz.

  • The aim is to give the right answers in the shortest possible time
  • Each employee can participate at the content once
  • The results are displayed in the CMS
  • Employees must accept the Privacy Policy before starting

  • Employee App Gamification Quiz
    Employee App Gamification Shake and Win

    Shake & Win Game

    Shake & Win is another gamification module of our employee app. This game can be used to give-aways with your employer brand.

  • Staff can play as many times as allowed.
  • In the same game, different prizes are awarded at random
  • Game can be deactivated and activated at any time via CMS

  • FAQ

    Through a clear categorization you can answer the most important questions of your staff. Finding quick solutions to the issues, is one of the most important aspects of a good employee experience.

    All formats of the Documents module can also be used here.

    Employee App FAQ
    Employee App Reminders


    Scheduled reminders can be sent to your employees through this module. For example, as a reminder for time tracking or the next mandatory safety training.

    Tapping the notification bell can lead to any content such as a video for internal communications.