Better communication in an organization
boosts the employee engagement

According to a Gartner study, an organization that implements its Employee Value Proposition (EVP) effectively, boosts the employee retention by 30%. The main requirement for the employee satisfaction is a fast and effective company internal communication.

All employee-relevant topics are included in our interactive, sustainable and measurable employee communications platform.

  • The next pulse survey
  • A modern onboarding process for new employees
  • Intranet sites
  • Tools to communicate with colleagues and Human Resources
  • or simply the menu plan of the company canteen

    Check out our demo app:

  • Employee communication app for a better employee engagement

    Targeted and Fast Internal Communication

    Easy-to-use tools to communicate: Employee pulse surveys, social intranet, or simple push notifications to employees increase employee experiences. The GDPR-compliant chat in the employee app enables corporate internal communication and offers an alternative to WhatsApp.

    Content Management System

    On our user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), the HR can call up ad-hoc reports, enter the contents of the intranet pages or use the direct tools to communicate with the employees.

    Easy To Use

    The employee communication app summarises the most important information for employees in an easy-to-consume format. Familiar features from social media, such as "like"s, emojis or comments enhance the everyday corporate internal communication and improve the employee experiences.

    IT integration into your company

    Internal Communication App system landscape

    On premise or cloud installation

    We offer cloud installations with a favorable TCO or on-premise installation for the complete control over your data.

    For on-premise installations, we offer on-site or remote support from our IT team experienced with employee communications software.

    If you opt for a cloud installation, we will take care of your data in one of our company's cloud servers in Europe or the USA. In this way you implement your employee engagement ideas with a lower TCO.

    We also have experience with integration to LDAP, SAP, Peoplesoft, payroll systems and learning management systems.

    Installation on the end devices

    With "one-click installation" and SSO login, your internal communication strategies can be implemented easily to the company cell phones. Our apps support Apple iOS and Android. For other operating systems, we offer our web client. Of course, all apps are adapted to your employer brand and are published with your own app icon.

    Operation and maintenance

    We offer our support before and after the installation of our employee communications software. This includes migrating the existing intranet sites, daily content entry and update, preparing the employee pulse surveys and monitoring of the employee communications software. Through our nearshore centers, we can offer you a cost-effective service.

    Employee Communication App Screenshots

    Watch our video for internal communications app!

    Choose your employee app modules to shape your employee engagement apps for a better communication in the workplace:

    Our employee apps are modular and can be configured by simple clicks from a central CMS. From contents of individual intranet sites to the company logo on the employee app, almost every element can be set on the CMS of our employee communications software. Simply click on the individual modules below to shape your own strategy for employee engagement:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    01. Is the employee communications app open to everyone?

    The internal communications app can be opened only to registered participants according to your internal communication strategies. Alternatively, a registration button can be placed allowing the self-registration of new employees. We have a register button in our demo application for you to see the employee experience of a new employee.

    02. Is internal communications app purchased or rented?

    Our internal communications software can be licenced annually. So, you can use our application all year round without incurring server hosting and maintenance costs.

    03. In how many days is our internal communications app published?

    You can start using your application in about 4-5 days after the completion and integration of the visual design suitable to your employer brand.

    04. Can we remove the modules not fitting our internal communication?

    You can remove the desired modules from the employee communication app and shape the app according to your employee engagement ideas.

    05. Can we add a custom module to our employee communications app?

    We grow with the employee engagement ideas from our customers. We would be glad to develop a custom module according to your best practices for internal communication.

    06. Can we manage the content management system ourselves?

    The content management system is prepared with a user-friendly user interface with the HR management employees as target users. So, it can be used easily by the HR management. In case you need assistance with the the daily data entry or update, we can offer our services from our near- and offshore centers.

    07. Can we keep control of the shared contents on the social intranet?

    You can manage the posts shared by the employees using the content management system. You may delete any content, that would not fit your employer brand or would affect employee satisfaction negatively.

    08. Can we use the employee communications app only for broadcasting?

    Yes, you can use the app only for broadcasting by turning off the social intranet features. By preventing the employees from sharing comments, you can use the employee communications software only to broadcast your content. The employees would only consume the corporate communication like the announcements or a video for internal communications. The employees still can give feedback to the pulse surveys or communicate internally.

    09. Can you manage our content management system for us?

    Experts from our near- and offshore centers will be assigned to you upon request, and will assist you with content management. This also applies to the migration activities before the go-live of your internal communications software.

    Employee Communication App FAQ
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